1. Free color wheel download

    I like to have a color / colour wheel image on my desktop that I can can open whenever I am designing. I tend to use Creative Curio’s wheel but I also like the wheel in Veerle’s Color Angels presentation.

    However, sometimes I want a wheel that I can edit by changing the hues or blocking out some colors so I can use the wheel in presentations to clients or colleagues.

    After much googling I couldn’t find any PSD or AI color wheels so I made them myself and here they are for you to download.

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  2. Horizontal stripes

    In this tutorial I will show you how to create never ending horizontal stripes in your web design using CSS.

    View the demo | Download the demo

    I first got the idea for horizontal stripes from Elliot Jay Stocks‘ book, Sexy Web Design, where he produces a web design that has horizontal stripes running off the browser page. I then implemented it myself in the design of oldschoolnodoubt.com.

    More recently, Neutron Creations launched a new design, again by Elliot Jay Stocks with CSS implemented by Ben Bodien which features the effect both horizontally and vertically.

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  3. Opera Web Standards Curriculum

    After reading about the new Web Standards curriculum from the people behind the Opera browser in Web Designer magazine, I checked out some of the articles today and I’m already at article 11! The curriculum will soon consist of 50 articles, currently 23 have been published. The articles are very easy to read and a great introduction or reminder to all involved (and wishing to get involved) in web design or development.

    The curriculum is actually aimed at Universities to improve their web modules, which is very interesting. I know that on my university course (Events Management at Leeds Met, UK) there was a web design module in level 2 which actually constitutes of being taught to build a site in Dreamweaver. I didn’t take the module as I’d already taught myself to use Dreamweaver the year before (on placement) and I had already moved on to hand coding. Looking back now, maybe I should have taken the module for some easy marks!

    It would be fantastic if more universities used this Web Standards Curriculum to bring their modules up-to-date and even inspire their students into moving into a web-related field. I know that my degree has only strengthened my career in web development because I have far more knowledge and experience of marketing, sales and client relationships than most students who have completed degrees in computing schools.

    I am very tempted to send my old technology-dissertation tutor, John Nightingale, an email challenging him to re-write the Web Design module!

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  4. If fonts were people…

    Times New Roman would rule; Wingdings would be admitted to a mental hospital; Arial Narrow would be a red-neck racist; and Comic Sans would save the day. This is awesome (except for that last bit with Comic Sans?!)

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